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Sophisticated equipment for the haemodialysis

The haemodialysis substitutes the activity made by the kidneys in our body, balancing the acid
and basic values in blood and eliminating impurities which cannot be expelled
by the kidneys anymore.

The machine to make the haemodialysis
is designed to work as a true artificial kidney, connected with the patient’s circulatory system.

Prevention and diagnosis of kidney diseases

An early diagnosis of kidney diseases can remarkably reduce the damages caused by
this type of diseases and make the treatments far more effective: for this
reason all the possible symptoms of kidney lesions or failure must be
immediately taken into consideration and
all the necessary medical tests must be immediately done.

Prevention and diagnosis of heart diseases

Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, sedentary life, alcohol, smoke, stress…These and many more are the risk factors which challenge our health and the correct functioning of our
heart. Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension problems are unfortunately
quite frequent and often they are originated by a wrong and unhealthy

Ultrasounds and stress tests

The haemodialysis centre in
Bagheria Diba s.r.l. is equipped with very modern machines to provide patients
with the clinical tests they need to prevent and diagnose cardiovascular diseases. 

The centre makes ultrasounds or echocardiograms to allow the cardiologist to analyze the size, shape and movement of all the structures of one’s heart.

Preventive kidney ultrasound

The kidney ultrasound is a
quick, riskless and non invasive analysis, with no collateral effects, which allows the specialist to easily detect possible kidney diseases, even if there are no symptoms and they are at their initial phase. In this way it is possible
to quickly act, slowing down the development of the disease and reducing any
possible complication.

Haemodialysis centre in Bagheria

Diba s.r.l. is a clinic specialized in nephrology and dialysis

The haemodialysiscentre in Bagheria Diba s.r.l. is a specialized centre which has been committed for years to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all kidney diseases. The centre has many specialists and avant-garde equipment and also some ambulances to manage the emergencies. You can book an appointment by phone or by email.

About us

Haemodialysis specialists

A staff specialized in kidney diseases

The haemodialysis centre Diba s.rl., thanks to a professional and skilled staff, offers a high standard service in the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases. It is specialized in nephrology and dialysis and equipped with new generation instruments for haemodialysis and for all kinds of medical tests.

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To receive all the information about the services offered by the haemodialysis
centre in Bagheria Diba s.r.l. and to book a visit or a specific test, please
send an email to diba77@inwind.it or fill out the contact form. Diba s.r.l.’s staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Diba s.r.l.

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